Monday, 22 February 2016

Travel To The Holy Land- Israel

Let’s travel to "The Holy Land- Israel" which indeed is a traveller's paradise! 

Israel has all that you want to make your holidays memorable. This was during my small interaction with Mr. Hassan Madah, Director - Israel Ministry of Tourism, India. Let’s discover about Israel-

Mr. Hassan Madah 
1) What would you like to highlight about Israel to a traveller who is not well versed with the region?
Mr. Hassan Madah- “Israel is a vibrant country with vast diversity and rich culture. It has desert conditions on the south and snow-capped mountains in the north, making Israel a complete experience. Israel is also filled with breathtaking beaches and water sports. The country is also famed for its Dead Sea experience, covering every aspect of a traveller's need. Either looking for luxury or adventure, Israel makes it possible. Not only this, they also offer- Niche tourism such as “Wine Tourism “which is also a popular option when in Israel. “ Let’s explore Israel with a vast variety for a holiday lover. So, if you are one of those who love to go on treks, somewhere in breathtaking mountains or go for water sports on their virgin beaches or try the varities of wines. It has the universe to offer you.

Beach to unwind

Water Sports

Exploring the Adventure

2) What is that one thing that makes Israel different from the rest of neighbouring countries & why a tourist should only travel to Israel & to no where else?
“Each of Israel’s regions has something diverse to offer. Dead Sea’s floating, Eilat’s adventures, Jerusalem’s history, Tel Aviv’s modernity, Haifa’s nature, Massada’s ruins, Negev’s desert conditions, etc are some of the unique offerings of the country. Israel also has abundance of flora and fauna and wildlife for nature lovers. One can ski in the morning and snorkel in the evening on the same day, or take an ATV or a camel ride and enjoy dolphin reef within few hours. There is a growing trend of Indians traveller who wants to experience various things in a single holiday. For travellers, who are looking for a combination of snow, beach and desert in a one vacation don’t have to look any further.” This means adventure animals will have a blast with all, decorated in their single platter to explore & discover Israel.

Dolphin Reef

People having fun with food & wine

3) Share about the culture & tradition here? What about the festivals celebrated here?
“Israel has an unmatched culture and history like no other. It is a birth place of 3 major religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  At Jerusalem’s heart is the Old City, which is surrounded by a wall and divided into four quarters - Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Muslim. Inside the walls are important holy sites for the Jews such as Western Walls and also Christians, as Jesus Christ lived and died here. Cities and regions like Nazareth, Acre, Haifa, Massada etc are also home to some exceptional historic sites.
The country every year hosts some amazing music events including the Red Sea Jazz Festival which has audience from all over the world. Israel also has various races and marathons throughout the year. The bi-annual bird migration where around 500 million birds pass through Israel skies also has huge number of spectators. Tel Aviv also hosts Fashion Week every year putting Israeli couture on the map. The Haifa Film Festival, Israel Festival, Jerusalem Light Festival, International Art and Craft Festival, etc are other prominent events taking place in Israel.
Places to explore

Places to explore
Beautiful Birds

Food & Wine

4) Any specific tourism promotions /campaigns to promote this beautiful destination in 2016?
“Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) plans to use various integrated marketing strategies in 2016. IMOT India will promote destination Israel on various platforms to enhance the growth of tourist arrivals from India. We have significantly increased the marketing budget for India and have invested in trade fairs such as Satte, IITT and OTM. We work very closely with the travel trade and now we also look at reaching direct consumers with various promotional activities. IMOT will use different marketing tools with emphasis on digital to reach the direct consumers. Israel is known to have something for everyone offering aspirational and unconventional holiday experience.”

Explore the adventure
5) Point out the things or places, a traveller must not miss while in your country?
“Israel is full of possibilities for an Indian Traveller. Every part of Israel is unique which should be fully experienced. Not many Indians are aware that being a vegetarian or a vegan is actually trendy in Israel. Savouring some special delights in Israel is not-to-be missed. Israel also offers some amusing night-life with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv home to some distinguished night-spots. Also, no one should leave Israel without floating in the Dead Sea, which is the lowest health spa in the world.” So what are you waiting for? Guys back up your bags and plan for your most awaited vacations to this unexplored place with all that you want to unwind & explore!

Floating in the Dead Sea

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