Thursday, 28 July 2016


Mussoorie is one hill-station, I look forward every time with a smile on my face. Be it a hotel review or a long weekend vacation, it keeps calling me here. May be, it is a feeling of nostalgia that this is the hill station I used to visit during my childhood days. I feel the tall woods, the aroma of pure air, the freshness of widely spread greens, the magical melodious songs sung by the birds, love me too & keeps welcoming me with open arms in various seasons & weathers. In my recent visit to wet & rainy Mussoorie, I have a sizzling & spicy story to share with you.


1)Tavern - It has been there on the first floor since a long time but we sat on the ground floor which is somewhat newly built café, about 2 years ago. We loved the ambience of the café.  This is open from one entire side without a wall, relishing whatever you dig in, with fresh air around you. Whilst, enjoying your meal, let your eyes also checkout the mall. The menu had a variety to order from, which was quite extensive. I went with my parents here. We ordered some lip smacking food. We ordered ITM Officers Yearning- mushroom & cheese stuffed in chicken breast & some added flavours.

The recordation made the dish look very tempting; Steve Alter’s Choice Pizza- it is unlike a normal round pizza but square in shape. It was a thin crust nicely baked with dollops of cheese with herbed roasted chicken chunks; Vincent Hill Delight- a veg. square shaped pizza. It had loads of olives, mushrooms, zucchini & corns. What caught my eyes, were the glass in which they served beer which were perhaps unique. To wrap up all, dessert tasted yum & superb. All tasted marvellous. Making us ask for more.
ITM Officers Yearning
Steve Alter’s Choice Pizza
Vincent Hill Delight


2) Chic Chocolate- Whenever I visit Mussoorie, this is a must in my bucket list. This was started in 1945 & was named after the owner’s uncle who was a musician. Whatever your choice of dish is, it will be served to you with a smile on the staff’s face. I loved the blueberry smoothie; for all those who have a sweet tooth, must dig into their heavenly desert Chic Choc which is yum to taste. A small brownie which comes with 
Ice cream, chocolate sauce & loads of nuts for you to savor it. Besides this, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, varieties of chicken can be ordered here. You have to choose from their wholesome Menu. Must tryHomemade Blueberry Ice-Cream & for Coffee Orea lovers they have, Coffee Oreo Ice Cream; both are super creamy & delicious to make you ask for more. Also, the exhaustive list have home-made chocolates which is their specialty with super-shine.
Food Platter
Home made-Ice Creams
Inside Wall
Chic Choc

3) Kalsang- Choose your dish from their lengthy Menu as per your taste buds. This bold red coloured restaurant was started in 2005 by Mr. Jamyang Kalsang. Specialty- Tibetan Cuisine. They also have Chinese & Thai to their widespread choices of food. The décor is done in red & gold. The food was yum & warm enough to keep me warm in this rainy season. What catched my eye here, are the tissues written by guests commenting on Kalsang’s food, staff, decor. These are kept under the glass sheet on the table tops, reading “Best food served in Mussoorie”; “we will come back here soon” etc. It was an amazing feeling having my authentic Tibetan supper with authentic Tibetan music played “Om Ma Ni Padme Hum” giving me extra zeal & positivity. Their staff is very courteous & will go out of the way to help you.




Kalsang & the Staff

Tabletop with Tissues

4)Domas Inn- This small Hotel was started in year 2009 by Mr.Tenzing Neema. He & his son- Mr. Tashi Neema are actively involved in it. It has an inventory of 6 rooms & is based near Landour. The entire hotel & it's ambience is outstandingly bright & colourful. They serve authentic Tibetan food besides Chinese & Italian. My pick was authentic Tibetan. We ordered Veg PC Thupka; it had dumplings filled with herbs with soup & boiled veggies; Chicken Shaptak with Tingmo (Chicken dish which is eaten with Tibetan bread made up of steamed flour; Chicken Momos which they specialize in. I loved the entire bold shades of colours spread around me. Tibetan look & feel of the place swept my heart.

Just a glance at the ceiling; the walls & the food, you will form your own positive opinion on this. I found it really attractive; full of life & cute comfortable seating arrangements. There is a hall inside also for bigger family seating.

Domas Inn
Restaurant Outside
Chicken Shaptak & Momos 
Restaurant Inside

5) Lovely Omelette Corner- This place has all time waiting. As the name says, they serve well done omelettes. People are queueing for as long as an hour or even two, to have their share of Omelette. Their menu reads Oil, Butter & Cheese Omelettes, to choose from. My choice was a cheese omelette which was nicely done with cheese & bread within the omelette. I loved it. It had oodles of cheese to relish. A lot of students & tourists are always here. It is a nice small omelette corner located right at the mall road.

Lovely Omelette Corner

Making the Omelette 

Lovely Omelette

Hope this has tempted you enough to pick up your choice of plate from all these delicacies!